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Our cloud-based ERP services are highly secure with multiple layers of complex security mechanisms and no one but only our authorized staff has access to our data-centers. Thus makes it impossible for any unauthorized person to break into our system.

We help enlighten organizations with advanced industry insight and an improved overall digital transformation experience, we do so not only with superior performance and expertise – but in Evaluation, Purchasing, Onboarding, Security, and dedicated Customer Support.

Using Ximple solution’s cloud services means you can move faster on projects and transactions without lengthy procurement and big upfront costs. At Ximple solution, we know ERP and cloud systems. And, we understand the business and market of today’s world.

Cloud Computing at a glance : If you’re still wondering why do you need Cloud-based technologies in your business?

Features and Advantages of Ximple Cloud ERP

Number of companies 1 – 100+
Number of users 1 – 1000+
Database independence Any web browser
Multi-organization consolidation Yes
Multi-location connectivity Yes
Multi-lingual Yes
Multi-currency Yes
Purchase Yes
Sales Yes
Finance Yes
Accounting Yes
Logistic Yes
Inventory management Yes
Document management Yes
Warehouse management Yes
Customer relations Yes
Vendor relations Yes
Employee relations Yes
Global tax tables Yes
eCommerce Yes
  Business workflow
User specific access Yes
Growth predictions Yes
Customer communications Yes
Team communications Yes
Approvals and segregations Yes
Customized software Upon request

What are the Deployment Options for Cloud ERP?

Based on the deployment options ERP can be grouped as Cloud, On-premise, or Hybrid deployments.

Feature 1

Cloud Deployment

Feature 2

On-Premise Deployment

Feature 3

Hybrid Deployment

Why to Choose Ximple Cloud Based ERP?

  • Multi-layer data security
  • Quick implementations
  • Converting CAPEX to OPEX: This is the essential benefit of driving many existing customers to Cloud ERP. There is no need to invest in fancy infrastructure, which inflates the balance sheet. The ERP Costs become another P&L Item that can be budgeted and tracked just like any other expense head.
  • Cost reduction: Most of the maintenance activities are done by the Cloud ERP Vendor. Hence there is no need to maintain a large team to support ERP and the annual running costs of ERP are reduced.
  • Access to new technologies: The cloud vendor regularly upgrades the application to get the benefits of the latest technology solutions available. This immensely benefits the Customer.
  • Scalability: It is easy to adjust the infrastructure to handle the temporary and secular load.
  • Availability and Reliability: Since the Cloud Vendor maintains multiple backup data centers, ERP is reliably available almost 100% of the time. This ensures business continuity
  • Best in class analytics: Most of the Cloud ERP solutions come with the best analytics, including OLAP Cubes and outstanding reporting capabilities.
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Evolution of Cloud ERP Software

Despite the release of the first Cloud ERP Solution in the late 90s, it failed to catch up till the middle of the current decade.

What is Future of Cloud ERP?

The future of cloud ERP rests on Artificial Intelligence, Remote Collaboration, Machine Learning, Robotics Process…

What is Cloud Migration Process?

Running outdated, inefficient, insecure, and expensive legacy systems is unnecessary. Companies can shift their applications…

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