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Electronics Distributors

See how Ximple ERP Solutions to fits unique Electronic Distribution needs and Evolve your business with a software solution build for On-Cloud and On-Premise..

Our founder, Carlos, worked with distributors for more than ten years understanding wholesale distributors’ needs, their technological and business challenges before architecting and designing an solution to offer seamless customer service experience. In our existence we realized that investing in our customer relationship and product innovation is a key to our success.

For a distributor of computer and electronic products, globalization and electronic eCommerce platforms disrupt the wholesale distribution industry by raising the bar on customer expectations for things like frictionless commerce. Businesses who do not adapt to this changing business landscape are at risk of becoming obsolete. Our ERP solution increases productivity and adapts quickly to an evolving market. Whether your distribution business carries an extensive, diverse catalog of products or specializes in supporting a select few large customers with unique products. Ximple ERP for computer and electronics distribution can help transform operations connecting all divisions, locations and services so that you can keep inventory moving by delivering products to customers faster. Our solution offers broad visibility across the entire organization – this powerful solution provides unparalleled control in managing thousands of transactions, suppliers and customers while simultaneously tracking millions of inventory items. 

ImageXimple ERP for Electronic Wholesale Distributors Offers:


  • Lot / Serialization
  • Full traceability of goods
  • Advanced Inventory
  • Better Forecasting accuracy. Improves inventory turns and reduce Obsolescence risk
  • Offers a variety of flexible and secure deployment
  • Options including cloud and on-premises

Manage your business by allowing your customers to log into their own personal portal to drive up your sales. Ximple offers your users a way to easily manage customer accounts, allowing your company to grow as your customers business grows.

Customize Ximple to fit your company’s needs. The system’s wide range of parameters allow you to setup the system so your company runs the way you want it to. From price discrepancies to commission plan structures, you are in charge of how your company works.

Ximple ERP is wired for the electronics & hi-tech distribution industry !