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Customer freedom

In today’s world, it’s imperative to give customers access to their accounts and enter orders on their own.

Ximple Customer Management Software gives freedom to the customer, allowing them to log into their own account and place orders as they need them.

Ximple Customer Management System supplies your company with three different ways in which to take orders:

  • Online customer entry
  • Over-the-counter sales
  • Over-the-phone orders

Why Leading Wholesale Distributors trust Ximple Customer Management Software?

  • Easy Tax Filling
  • Improve Accuracy
  • Cost Reduction
  • Streamline Integration
  • Stress-Free invoicing
  • Scalable
  • Accessibility
  • Localized Support
  • Real-time financial data
  • Improved cash flow and reduction in working capital requirements
  • Statutory Compliances

Cloud-based ERP Vs. On-Premise ERP Software in Customer Management

In an On-Premise ERP, the Customer manages ERP Software and the technology infrastructure (Hardware). This level of control enables the Customer to customize the software to suit their unique Customer processes. This flexibility comes at the cost of managing the unfamiliar IT infrastructure terrain.

In a Cloud ERP, the ERP Vendor manages Cloud-based ERP, both software and hardware. The Customer can configure the ERP Software to meet their business requirements. There is limited flexibility in customizing the application to meet the unique business processes. In some cases, the Customer will need to modify their business processes to suit the operations supported by ERP.

The main benefits of Cloud ERP are reduction in cost and complexity of managing the IT Infrastructure. Irrespective of Cloud or On-premise ERP, the key is to understand the critical business requirements and ensure that the ERP system that you choose can quickly meet those requirements.

Customer Management Software

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