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Point of Sales (POS)

Our POS report gives out all pertinent point of sales data needed by vendor. Electrical Distributors will be happy to know that we comply with the NAED standards for POS and POT reporting.

Ximple’s Point of sale system has countless benefits for businesses. They will not only help manage day-to-day sales and inventory, but can also help grow businesses with their built-in loyalty and marketing software, as well as provide business intelligence. POS helps to reduce the time spent on administration as well as it simplifies the Stock Control System.

Pricing updates

It’s always important to have as clean a product price file as possible. Ximple makes pricing updates an easy process for distributors that get pricing updates from a vendor excel file. Our upload is easy to format and the process to post price changes can save the company time and money.


Buying groups

Ximple makes it easy to create multiple buying groups within your purchasing department. Each vendor that you work with can be assigned to its own buying group wherein the purchasing rep will be able to easily manage their purchases.

Ximple ERP vendor management modules provides POS & reports to manage vendor relations and sourcing !