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ERP Software for IBM i, Power i, iSeries

Ximple solution offers Next Generation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software to mid to large-size wholesale distributors.

Our founder, Carlos, started this business when he noticed that Wholesale Distributors have limited choice for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software as few players dominated the wholesale distribution industry. Those dominant ERP players stopped investing in products years ago. Many of those ERP competitors offered an ERP system on the AS400 platform but they stopped innovating. They offered a subpar ERP software with high implementation and upgrade costs requiring regular customization.

Many of those companies had a vast customer base, which in turn limited their innovation as they always needed to worry about backward integration to their legacy ERP Software. Distributors’ choice in the market is limited if organizations want to leverage in highly reliable, scalable, secured AS400 IBM I system, especially if they have invested heavily in IBM hardware.

Leading Wholesale Distribution ERP – IBM AS400

Ximple ERP was born in the Distribution trade over 12 years ago. Carolos spent years at IBM and working as an entrepreneur designing Wholesale Distributor Business solutions on IBM i, AS400, Power i.

He leveraged Java, Angular, SQL APIs, Big Data, AI, Machine learning, and Microservice architecture to offer tomorrow’s technology today on the AS400 platform. Unlike our competitors constrained by legacy applications or backward compatibility issues, we grow our business through our technological innovation. Today, a wide range of distributors rely on our ERP and eCommerce solutions. We are a team of passionate, committed, and talented engineers continually innovating to create Next Generation ERP solutions that offer a competitive edge to Distributors.


The Best ERP for Wholesale Distributors, Build to Scale. Build for Growth

Ideal ERP Software for mid to large-size distributors with multiple locations. It’s Customizable and agile. Our solution gives Distributors the flexibility other ERPs cannot. Ximple ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software can help your Business:

  • Transforms Customer/User Experiences
  • Reduce cost and drives up productivity
  • Get to Market Quickly
  • Integrated eCommerce build on the scale.
  • Attract and engage productive employees
  • Drive New Revenue Growth
  • Reach Every Customer. ERP includes a B2B eCommerce platform. One platform. All Orders.
  • Innovate with 4.0 technology

AS400 ERP Software and IBM: Distribution Industries served

Our solution is well suited for ALL wholesale distributors. We have a strong alliance with IBM AS400 Cloud and hosting solution providers. Currently, we offer a solution to the following industries :

Benefits IBM i, AS400, Power i, iSeries ERP

  • Scalability – Your business can buy the most affordable IBM power i core server and upgrade to a stronger 256-core later.
  • Reliability – If you are looking for a server that can offer close to 100 percent uptime, AS400 is the best.
  • Secure – As long as you have your IBMi configured properly, it will work safely.
  • Sophisticated – As IBM iSeries is a regularly updated server, it has become more modern and supports various programming languages, including PHP, node.js, Angular, React, Java, among others.
  • Compatibility – IBM System i offers amazing compatibility, allowing easier transitions.

Why are Distributors migrating AS400 ERP to Cloud ERP?

Distributors have realized that AS400 ERP is a good system but with the legacy syndrome. Once you have it, you will only access it on your in-house computers or servers. It is harder to update while on the move, unlike the latest IBM iSeries version for the web. That’s why most organizations are looking to upgrade their AS400 ERP to Cloud ERP. A good consultant knows how to combine the best capabilities of System I with those of modern software.

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