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Opportunities for entrepreneurial cloud consultants and experienced ERP resellers

As a Ximple sales partner, you will be able to bring industry-leading ERP solution to the marketplace and implement them quickly and cost-effectively to address the needs of small, midsized and large enterprises equally. You will get the opportunity to manage the entire customer lifecycle, including sales, implementation, support, and renewals for On-Cloud and On-Premise ERP solutions.

A partnership with Ximple helps you to open your business to new opportunities and markets. You will be able to improve customer satisfaction and enhance your brand reputation by directing clients to a Ximple solution that can save them hundreds of thousands of dollars in up-front costs and annual maintenance while streamlining their business. You can help Ximple with coverage, local knowledge and industry expertise required.

Tremendous Opportunities Within the SME Market

We estimate the SME market value multi-billion dollars, offering our partners a unique and rapidly growing opportunity to add consulting expertise and value-added services to the subscriptions and licenses they sell.

We understand that Ximple is unable to reach and address every SME business’s unique needs without the help of companies just like yours. Besides the expertise mentioned, you also give SME customers something that Ximple cannot – the comfort that comes from working with a local authorized Ximple partner.

Capturing the Cloud Opportunity

Cloud computing is the hottest trend in technology business and Ximple Solution partnership and reseller program offers a wealth of opportunities to grow your practice as more fast-growing and mid-size companies look to cloud computing to power their operations. Cloud deployment provides affordability, scalability and a simplicity that enables SME customers to focus on growing their business, not running their IT. We can offer a commission-based approach and help you earn recurring revenue with industry-leading margin to help you quickly capitalize on the vast cloud opportunity with reduced financial risk.

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