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Electrical Distributors and Wholesalers

The Best ERP Solution for Electrical Distributors and Wholesalers. We are proud to say that our expertise is in Electrical Distributors and wholesale Industry as this was the first Industry, we targeted to offer our ERP solution. Our founder, Carlos, spent more than 15 years understanding distributors Industry, electrical wholesale and Distribution Industry in particular to design technologically Innovative ERP Solution for Electrical Distributors. We understand that Electrical distribution differs from other industries in several ways, including product variety and pricing structures. Electrical suppliers’ and manufacturers’ catalogs contain hundreds of thousands of items, so inventory management and planning are critical for these distributors to remain competitive. Ximple ERP solution offers world-class inventory planning and management system to analyze your profitability and pricing structure. We understand competition in the electrical distributor and wholesale business. You need specialized capabilities from an ERP solution. Most of the electrical distributors have processes, usually not supported by every ERP platform. Our solution offers you tools to handle large projects for contractors that may ask for their electrical material in stages and pay for it as they receive it. We enable you to first deliver, bill the contractor for rough-in materials, then invoice and deliver finished goods later on. We offer you quote prices for the entire lot or for the individual finished products, giving you more control over your pricing and preventing your customers from shopping around and pricing goods individually. Our solution offers front counter capabilities also allow your electrical distribution enterprise to handle the face-to-face business with customers and electricians. You can help any customer on the spot at your front counter by accessing your entire inventory from the Order Entry screen, offering a price, placing the order, accepting payment, or recording the invoicing transaction. We enable counter sales with various payment types, secured EMV payment processing, support complex job management including order modification, B2B eCommerce and order tracking. Ximple Solution offers a scalable solution from a few users to hundreds of users, from a single location to multi-location, multi-currency, multi-language solution. We guarantee that you will never outgrow our ERP platform.  

ImageAs a member of IMARK and NAED, Ximple is well aware of the electrical industry’s ins and outs and is prepared to help you grow your business. Ximple ERP is capable of::

  • Price service uploads from Trade Service and IDW.
  • Integrating with EDI for customers and vendors.
  • Multi-layered pricing structures for On Account and Cash Customers
  • Robust parameters allow flexibility to customize the system as per your business needs .
  • Manage comprehensive customer pricing y.
  • Quote Management.
  • Integrated EMV Credit/ Debit card payment processing .
  • B2B eCommerce i.e. offering major customers and contractors order online and pick up without any wait .
  • Warranties, Returns and Lot Billing .
  • Warehouse Automation and Distinct UOM setup .
  • The multi-tiered pricing structure for your customers.
  • Manage kit items and setup .
  • Rebate setup and tracking for better GM calculations .
  • The lot and Serial number tracking on incoming and outgoing inventory .

Ximple ERP is perfectly suitable for the electrical distribution industry !