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Hose and Accessories Wholesale Distributors

Image Ximple ERP for Hose and Accessories Wholesale Distributors is available On-Cloud and On-Premise.

Each wholesale distribution industry has a unique challenge in this digitalized world as they need to compete with various eCommerce platforms, while many others are adopting direct manufacturing to customer business models. The Hose and Accessories Wholesale industry has a complex challenge with inventory management, changing trends and optimizing order from contractors. Ximple Solution offers a modern ERP platform to help them manage all these sophisticated business needs with ease offering On-Cloud and On-Premise ERP software solution.

Our ERP solution offer tools to drive sales, improve customer service and reduce operating cost by streamlining operations and offering needed information to decision-makers. Our founder, Carols, spent many decades understanding the Wholesale Distribution business to design the ideal solution for wholesale distributors. Unlike our major competitors, we are young entrepreneurs with one mission:- Offer Modern Innovative ERP solution to help our customers to improve sales, improve customer service, improve margins and reduce operating costs.

We are a proud member of the National Association for Hose and Accessories Distributors (NAHAD) and seek input and consult wholesale distributors to Innovate ERP constantly. We spent years soliciting and asking Hose and Accessories wholesale distributors to design our solution. Unlike our competitors, we have invested heavily in creating a modern On-Cloud and On-Premise ERP solution.

Image Ximple ERP Solution for Hose and Accessories Distributors include:

  • Robust parameters allow flexibility to customize the system as per your business needs .
  • Manage comprehensive customer pricing .
  • Quote Management.
  • Integrated EMV Credit/ Debit card payment processing .
  • Advanced Inventory Management with real-time visibility into inventory and sales across multiple locations and companies and Improve inventory turns .
  • Special contract pricing.
  • B2B eCommerce i.e. offering major customers and contractors order online and pick up without any wait .
  • Warranties, Returns .
  • Lot Billing .
  • Warehouse Automation.
  • Distinct UOM setup.
  • The multi-tiered pricing structure for your customers.
  • Manage kit items and setup.
  • Rebate setup and tracking for better GM calculations.
  • The lot and Serial number tracking on incoming and outgoing inventory.

Ximple ERP provides robust platform for the hose fitting and gardening industry !