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erp system for construction company

Construction ERP Software for Wholesale Distributors

The best Construction ERP software for Distributors, and Wholesalers.

If you own a construction business or if you work in a construction firm, then this construction ERP software is ideal for you. Construction management involves many challenges that you may face such as managing the employees and other resources.

Ximple ERP will maintain a database that will include information about the employees’ designs, the different projects, and resources. Ximple ERP will enable you to raise requests for resources if you run out of them, you will be also able to assign tasks to employees, and also you will have a separate space to store all the essential documents from which the admin and the staff will benefit for their application as this will ensure the team to have a deeper understanding of the project.

One platform. All the orders. Ximple Cloud ERP includes B2B eCommerce

Today’s Wholesaler and Distributor’s B2B customers expect Omnichannel online experience. Ximple ERP offers independence and flexibility to your B2B customer to grow their business. Our solution has D2C features they expect from you. Our ERP system for construction has an inbuild ERP offering.

  • Sync inventory, orders, and customers
  • Custom quote process before placing an order.
  • Review wholesale orders before invoicing
  • Make the checkout process 50% faster for repeat buyers
  • ERP and B2B eCommerce are on the same platform. Unified customer data.
  • Automated portal providing easy access to customers 24×7.
  • Offers options to create custom pricing, percentage and absolute $ discount and volume-based discount for customers or group of customers.
  • Allows B2B customers a user-friendly tool to place purchase orders, track their orders and reorder products.

#1 Top Wholesale Distribution Industry ERP

Next-Generation ERP Software for Construction Companies and Distributors.

We introduced Ximple ERP as a set of integrated tools designed specifically for the construction industry to help you manage to grow and scale your business.

Last but not the least, all your projects, clients, and contacts are stored in one place; along with cost tracking, accounting, payroll, and contractor costs, and storage of your project information. Ximple ERP will enable you to schedule your workforce and assets without hassle, you’ll get notified when tasks are completed.

construction erp
Construction ERP

Give your Construction business the world’s most flexible ERP platform

Feature 1


99.99% Cloud ERP uptime

Feature 2


Out of Box ERP Customization with Parameter and APIs/Micro services

Feature 3

Expert ERP Support

Expert Support by Industry expert with more than 10+ years experience

Fastest Payback

Fastest Payback

Fastest ERP Implementation and Payback. Average implementation done in less than 90 days. ROI in less than 9 months

construction erp software Construction ERP Software

Construction ERP Software is perfectly suitable for the  Distribution Businesses Related to Construction

We provide the right tools for the right hands, a reliable software package that works with your existing software to meet your growing operational needs. Get the blueprints to build better with Construction Management ERP from Ximple Solutions.

Ximple ERP is full-scale construction management software that works directly with your current programs; in one software suite, you get a vast array of plug-and-play tools that allows you to access sales budget and scheduling information in real-time.

Whether you’re in a commercial or residential building, our suite allows you to streamline your building process, eliminate costly errors, and increase your bottom line quickly and efficiently. Our process management tools have helped residential and commercial contractors to maximize their business.

Construction Wholesale Distribution ERP Software Features:

The building is a task-driven company, and our construction ERP System ensures that folks understand what they have to achieve. Ximple ERP simplifies tasks for engineers, supers, and supervisors to remain on top of things and maximize their job.

  • Real-time communication
  • Field productivity
  • Location-based work
  • Construction management for the field
  • Schedule and prioritize work
  • Track workforce and cost
  • Import tasks from the project plan
  • Manage Punch Items Effectively
  • Record Anytime, Anywhere
  • Quality and Safety
  • Archival and Reporting

Cloud-based ERP Vs. On-Premise Best ERP Software for Construction Company and Distribution Business

In an On-Premise ERP Software, the Customer manages ERP Software and the technology infrastructure (Hardware). This level of control enables the Customer to customize the software to suit their unique supply chain processes. This flexibility comes at the cost of managing the unfamiliar IT infrastructure terrain.

In a Cloud ERP Software, the ERP Vendor manages Cloud-based ERP, both software and hardware. The Customer can configure the ERP Software to meet their business requirements. There is limited flexibility in customizing the application to meet the unique business processes. In some cases, the Customer will need to modify their business processes to suit the operations supported by ERP.

The main benefits of Cloud ERP Software are reduction in cost and complexity of managing the IT Infrastructure. Irrespective of Cloud or On-premise ERP, the key is to understand the critical business requirements and ensure that the ERP system that you choose can quickly meet those requirements.

erp system for construction company
ERP System for Construction Company
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