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Ximple core services

All-in-one ERP suite

Ximple ERP base services

Core modules


Accounts payable


Accounts receivable


Activity based costing


Bar coding


Check reconciliation


Contact manager


Cylinder / container tracking


Document imaging


eBusiness / internet


Electronic catalog


Electronic data interchange (EDI)


Electronic mail


Fixed assets


Forms management


Freight management


General ledger


International currency




Job cost


Light manufacturing


Payroll (n/a in US)


Project management


Executive information systems

Ximple features

Get more from your ERP

Easy as pie

  • Allows Entry of Complex Quotes
  • Offers quick navigation/search of products, customers, GL accounts
  • Powerful search engine/database
  • Offers subject specific help and training
  • Quick learning curve. Has customizable menus
Hardware & software platforms

  • Primary Preferred Platforms i5
  • Operating Systems i5/OS
  • Accessed via Web Browser
  • Database Manager or File System Name DB2
  • Applications Run on Same Database
  • Separate Facilities Can Share Same Database
  • Primary Programming Language: Java, SQL, C++, ILE RPG
  • Able to Operate As True Windows Application
Inventory planning, picking, and replenishment

  • Ability to define reservation engagement by customer and/or order
  • System allows setting safety stock for individual items
  • Pick tickets can be sorted by: Customer, Order, Item
  • System records the characteristics of: Location Type, Pallet live storage, Carton live storage, Capacity
Order processing

  • Customers receive an automated order notification following order submission and payment transaction has been approved
  • Ability to select from a list of Integrated Merchant and Gateway Account Providers for payment processing
  • View dates for entry, ship confirm and invoice
  • View carrier information

    • Instantly stores transactions
    • Automatically posts to GL account
    • Changes made to orders are reflected in real time
    • Has an audit trail
    • Can position itself anywhere in time (you can view/enter past/future transactions/reports)
Reports and queries

  • Can queries be constructed against any system data
  • Can queries be constructed against data from other systems
Payment method

  • Offline credit card processing is supported
  • Ability to assign separate payment options for different products & product categories
Sales information system

  • Hardware Available
  • Turnkey
  • Dealers with Vendor Support
  • Sold & Supported by Dealers
  • Sold & Supported by Vendors
Feel secure

  • Can grant different levels of user authority
  • Keeps track of who made each transaction in the system
  • All parts of company know what the others are doing
Workstation user interface

  • Is a browser-based client available
  • Ability to modify menus or restrict functionality depending on user ID
  • Screen content may vary depending on an end user ID
Business management reporting

  • System allows printing of summary reports in a (printer friendly) format
  • Analyze Trends
  • Compare Customer Buying Habits
  • Evaluate Options

  • Pricing be maintained by customer level number
  • Contracts by customer/product or product category with an expiration date
  • Pricing by warehouse location
  • Advertised pricing by location with expiration date
Smarter is better

  • Banishes dumb terminal
  • Browser based
  • Accessible from mobile devices
RF identication

  • Does the system support RF-ID technology
  • User interface supports multiple window views
  • User is capable of having multiple sessions at the same time

  • Ability to calculate tax in geographic zones automatically
  • Ability to choose tax rates that apply to products within your product range
  • Can define a customer tax rate for special products
Receiving / invoice data

  • Ability to map invoices and line items to specific GL accounts
  • Shows end-user account summary information
  • Customer billing information is instantly updated upon order submission
Never forget

  • Tracks all transactions (SO, PO, Shipments, etc)
  • Projects inventory (RPO)
  • All modules engineered to work seamlessly
  • Allows for a paperless operation
RF receiving / Radio Frequency unit processing

  • Ability to update items into different/multiple bins
  • Ability to put-away and update special orders in ‘special zone’
Catalog index browsing

  • Ability to create featured product from your catalog index
  • Ability to assign complementary products or add-on products
  • Ability to assign an item to more than one category
System compatibility (EDI)

  • The system support the use of EDI
  • Documents delivery by VAN
  • Documents delivery by FTP
  • Documents delivery by Web form
  • Documents delivery by HTTP request
  • Documents delivery by email
Communication is the key

  • Import data
  • Export data
Warehouse management

  • Can do quick putaway of items
  • Can track received/returned items as: defective, damaged, wrong
  • Can set order fullfilment priorities
  • View shipments by shipping method
  • Can download/view shipping manifest to mobile device
  • Can view status of: Sales Orders, Transfers, Purchase Orders
RF picking & sales

  • RF Unit usage allows review of an order for determination of preferred picking method (i.e. by hand, cart, lift truck)
  • Ability to enter Sales via handheld device
Discounts / exchanges

  • Customers discounts
  • Specific product discounts
  • Product category discounts
Vendor data upload

  • Data uploads from Trade Service
  • Data uploads from IDW
  • Data uploads directly from Vendor (pricing updates)
Full keyword product search

  • Provides keyword context search tools
  • End-users can browse the vendor-created keyword index to find products
Credit card processing

  • Supports automatic credit card processing
Inventory management

  • Stock monitoring generates alerts for low stock levels automatically
  • Generate stock availability reports
  • Ability to automatically suspend ordering on out-of-stock products
Ximple ERP plans

The ERP that suits your business

Cloud based

Cost and time effective
Security and maintenance
Help and support
Shorter implementation

Ideally suited for larger organization with dedicated IT staff, large capital, and operation budget
Easier customization
Foundation for future hybrid cloud expansion
Relies on internal network infrastructure
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