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ERP for Jan San Distributors

Ximple Erp Designed for Jan San Distributors.

Ximple ERP  Software is a leading ERP solution for Jan/San distributors. It combines proven distribution expertise with  modern technology stack: Cloud and on-premise deployment options.  Ximple is an active member of the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA), iMark, STAFDA, HARDI, NAED, BlueHawk, and many others. As Ximple Solution aspires to be a leader in Jan San Distribution Industry,  we team up with leading Jan San distributors to seek input in developing solutions and services.

Ximple ERP combines proven distribution expertise with  modern technology stack that includes HTML5, Angular JS,  Java, and IBM DB2 SQL Server with Cloud and on-premise deployment options available. 

One platform. All the orders. Ximple Cloud ERP includes B2B eCommerce

Today’s Wholesaler and Distributor’s B2B customers expect Omnichannel online experience. Ximple ERP offers independence and flexibility to your B2B customer to grow their business. Our solution has D2C features they expect from you. Our ERP has an inbuild ERP offering.

  • Sync inventory, orders, and customers
  • Custom quote process before placing an order.
  • Review wholesale orders before invoicing
  • Make the checkout process 50% faster for repeat buyers
  • ERP and B2B eCommerce are on the same platform. Unified customer data.
  • Automated portal providing easy access to customers 24×7.
  • Offers options to create custom pricing, percentage and absolute $ discount and volume-based discount for customers or group of customers.
  • Allows B2B customers a user-friendly tool to place purchase orders, track their orders and reorder products.

Give your Jan/San distribution Business the world’s most flexible ERP platform

Feature 1


99.99% Cloud ERP uptime

Feature 2


Out of Box ERP Customization with Parameter and APIs/Micro services

Feature 3

Expert ERP Support

Expert Support by Industry expert with more than 10+ years experience

Fastest Payback

Fastest Payback

Fastest ERP Implementation and Payback. Average implementation done in less than 90 days. ROI in less than 9 months

FAQ Icon What is Janitorial and Sanitary Distribution ERP Software?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for Janitorial and Sanitary (JAN/SAN) distribution businesses is vital. It helps sanitary distributors manage their supply chain operations. JAN/SAN ERP solutions can appear as cloud systems or on-premise options. It focuses only on things that matter to the user, including driving growth. With this software, distributors can increase product lines and services, grow their market reach, serve customers economically, boost sales cycles, etc.

A JAN/SAN ERP solution can increase efficiency and productivity because it understands the distributors’ needs. Its configuration is idiot-proof, allowing workers to enjoy rather than hate their jobs. Above all, Janitorial and Sanitation ERP contains a CRM module for managing customer relationships. We will continue to discuss this distribution ERP below.

FAQ Icon Features of Janitorial and Sanitary ERP

Quotes and Orders

Your order management processes directly affect your customers and how they view your business. Customers demand faster, better service and will go elsewhere if you can’t meet their needs. Ximple ERP Software helps you complete the entire order entry process from one screen— allowing you to enter quotes and orders, convert quotes to orders, check stock, Expedite orders, Search prices, View past invoices and Verify shipping preferences. Whether orders are entered at the counter, , or over the web, the information goes directly into your Ximple ERP Software solution for faster processing— eliminating manual work and data entry errors.

Front Counter

Whether you have a small or large Jan San Distributors, you’ll need a point of sale (POS) and front counter capabilities. Ximple ERP Software has the front counter tools to quickly and efficiently handle that early morning rush. You can assist any customer right away by accessing entire inventory from the front counter screen. You can also offer a price, place the order, accept payment and record the transaction for invoicing. It allows cash, check, or credit card payments.

Our Front End Couter has fully integrated credit card processing solution to allow you to accept customer payments with credit or debit cards with immediate authorization. It lowers the cost of payment processing wihile to complying with PCI security standards. It also offers option to captures customer signure as proof of pick up to o avoid any disputes later.

Order History/Previous Requests

Ximple ERP allows you to search through the customer’s previous sales history. It has options to serach by date range or specific key words. One can also inquire past quotes along with confirmed orders with ability to convert past quote to an order. It also keep records for all previous communications with the customer.

Customer-Specific Pricing

Most of the distributors needs options to reward frequent customers by offering special pricing. This encourage repeat business while saving marketing cost. When a manufacturer gives you a price break, you may want to pass those savings on to your customers. Ximple Software allows you to set prices as you see fit — including offering select customers preferred pricing, pricing based on quantity breaks, and setting promotional pricing. It allow you to to meeti customer and competitive demands while maintaining margins. It offers flexibility to set beginning and ending price data for a customer, product, or product group basis to fulfill contractual obligations or for limited-time specials.

Accessory and Substitute Items

Sales and service representatives need not remember to offer the complimentary item. Ximple ERP Software support sales employees by automatically suggesting products that go with things on a customer’s order— helping to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. In addition, Ximple ERP automates substitution processes, if one of your most popular SKUs is back-ordered, the Ximple Order entry will remind your sales associate to offer a similar—or identical— product. This feature helps ensure that distirbutors will never lose customer orderas due out of stock.

Proof of Delivery

Mobile Proof of Delivery is a fully integrated mobile devices as part of Ximple Software that delivers new levels of service responsiveness for efficient deliveries and pick-ups. It maximize the effectiveness of your delivery resources while providing reliable, documented drop-offs and pick-ups.

Contract Pricing

Distributors need to negotiate pricing down to the item level for many customers—establishing fixed, time-based net prices on an SKU-by-SKU basis. Ximple ERP Software lets you set up time-sensitive contract pricing for these customers. Contract pricing is fully integrated with Quote/Order Entry to help ensure the customer gets the correct contract price on each transaction. Additionally, starting and ending dates on contracts allow you to track when contracts expire and set up arrangements that automatically kick in on the starting date.

Rebate Management:

Robust rebate functionality helps you manage these rebates and helps ensure you can take advantage of any your manufacturers offer. You can track vendor rebates electronically for more accurate books and a healthier bottom line. Simplify the often-tedious task of handling vendor rebates by automating the process. Each step—from negotiation to receipt, is recorded in real-time and reflected in your solution’s General Ledger and price schedules. It helps ensure you never lose track of a rebate you earned and lets sales and order entry staff always see proper gross margins to offer customers appropriate pricing. Additionally, your accounting staff will benefit from the ability to produce detailed, easy-to-understand rebate reports.

LOT Tracking:

Lot Tracking Item from origin through final shipment is a critical task that many distributors need to manage each day. Customers often demand to know when, where, by whom, and to what specifications a product was made—and want you to provide documentation detailing each step of any process. Without the right tools and technology, managing these processes can easily overwhelm even the most organized distributors. Ximple ERP Software simplifies lot tracking by allowing distributors to handle the most complex products and processes. Ximple ERP Software allows you to assign limitless attributes to each lot — enabling you to determine precisely what data you associate with each item. Many distributors might also need to keep information about a product’s genealogy from manufacturers and suppliers, so Ximple Software makes it easy to record this type of information.

FAQ Icon Jan/San (Janitorial / Sanitary) distribution Business Challenges

Like other company types, the JAN/SAN distribution business has challenges. These include the following:

FAQ Icon JAN/SAN Distributor ERP benefits

Here are the advantages to expect from a JAN/SAN ERP tool.

FAQ Icon JAN/SAN ERP future

What is the future of JAN/SAN ERP software? It might entail the following points:

FAQ Icon JAN/SAN ERP selection steps

Here are the steps to do:

FAQ Icon JAN/SAN ERP Implementation steps

JAN/SAN ERP implementation process will have critical stages. The main activities of this process include:

FAQ Icon How to upgrade/migrate JAN/SAN ERP?

If your JAN/SAN ERP has become inefficient, your best bet is to update it. Switching from your current ERP to a new one is not easy but can be inevitable sometimes. You will need to select a team of experts to do the task and consider if you have adequate financial resources. Data migration is vital, and your business information requires thorough screening to remove duplicate errors and unnecessary content. User testing is a must to avoid increasing the cost of running the upgraded software later on. If users understand the software before it goes live, there will be no reason to incur further training costs.

FAQ Icon Why choose Ximple ERP for Jan San Distributors.

Ximple is an active member of the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA), iMark, STAFDA, HARDI, NAED, BlueHawk, and many others. As Ximple Solution aspires to be a leader in Jan San Distribution Industry, we team up with leading Jan San distributors to seek input in developing solutions and services.

Ximple ERP combines proven distribution expertise with modern technology stack that includes HTML5, Angular JS, Java, and IBM DB2 SQL Server with Cloud and on-premise deployment options available.

FAQ Icon Conclusion

JAN/SAN ERP is among the top distribution software tools for distributors and wholesalers. It has excellent features and benefits. You also have the freedom to select between cloud and on-premise ERP types. The bottom line is finding the software that could meet all your business needs now and in the future.

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