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Warehouse structure and transfers

Supports multiple divisions, unlimited branches and stores. Each Warehouses can be setup with its own unique location/level structure. Transfers between warehouses is a simple process that can be achieved manually or generated by the system in the case of resupply and overstock.

  • Easy receipt entry of goods from suppliers and other warehouses
  • Automated and manual transfers between distribution centers, primary or secondary warehouses based on demand
  • Automated damaged and defective material return to supplier
  • Comprehensive shipment management that allows setup multiple carriers and shipping methods
  • Setup of delivery routes
  • Manage shipping packing slips and label printing
  • Notify customers by email when send out shipment
  • Streamline the process for shipment billing and payment collection at the time of delivery

Handheld scanners

Handheld scanners allow for faster processing of goods being received into the warehouse. User logs into the system using the handheld and is able to begin processing goods into the warehouse.

Their greatest advantage is, of course, portability and the ability to bring the scanner to the product instead of lugging the product over to get scanned, cutting down on the wear on your employees.


Ximple ERP has support for handheld scanner & warehouse management !