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Distribution ERP

What is Distribution ERP Software

Distribution ERP covers the tools to handle the plan, administer, execute, track and report the activities conducted in one or more Distribution warehouses that belong to wholesale distributors. Warehouse management software covers the ‘Flow’ of material for the wholesale distribution business. Ximple cloud warehouse management system and distribution ERP handles the following activities:

  • Material planning
  • Material receipt and quality inspection
  • Putaway of materials received to specified locators
  • Move materials to the production floor
  • Pick and release the materials to dispatch staging area
  • Physical inventory count and adjustments
  • Cycle count and adjustment
  • Reduce the obsolescence inventory

Challenges with Distribution ERP Software and How to Solve?

Ximple Distribution ERP software or wholesale distribution software solves three critical challenges faced by wholesale distribution businesses i.e. a large number of items, a large number of transactions, and the manual effort required to maintain warehouse discipline. Depending on the types of ERP software that exist, the number of items may be anywhere from a few thousand for the manufacturing industry to hundreds of thousands for wholesalers and the retail industry or a third-party logistic (3PL) service provider.

The correct definition of items is important to the wholesale distribution industry, while Item definition is incidental in a 3PL service provider.

Distribution ERP System

Distribution ERP Software

A large number of transactions characterizes a typical wholesale distribution warehouse. Ximple warehouse management solution helps thousands of items to be located on a single day, picked, grouped into pallets, and then loaded onto the trucks. It makes it possible to track and perform error-free transactions on a scale.

Ximple Cloud-Based WMS or wholesale distribution software and solutions enable warehouse discipline. Each allows an item or a group of items to be tagged to a specific location in the warehouse. On receipt of items, it allows being placed (put away) in the correct location.

Usually, most wholesale distribution businesses prefer to pick past items ahead of newly received items. Ximple offers options to follow either FIFO (First In First Out) or LIFO (Last In First Out) depending upon the type of product, market needs, and unit cost. To avoid stock out, the warehouse management system generates timely Internal warehouse requisitions. Finally, warehouse management software continuously monitored for shelf life and obsolescence for items.

Essential Features of Ximple Warehouse Management System (WMS) ERP for Distribution Business

Common Features of Distribution ERP Software for warehouse management listed below:

  • Item definitions
  • Material receipt and putaway
  • Material Pick
  • Pick Wave
  • Material Returns
  • Min-max planning
  • Barcode
  • Easy integration with SCM
  • QR Code
  • RFID
  • Cycle Count
  • Physical Inventory Count
  • Voice support
  • Visual guidance
  • Stock Locators
  • Cross-docking

Automate Warehouse Management, Drives Productivity & Optimize Inventory for Distribution Business

Next-Generation Cloud WMS solutions integrated Ximple ERP or distribution ERP Supports multiple divisions, unlimited branches, and stores. Each Warehouse can be set up with its own unique location/level structure. Transfers between warehouses are a simple process that can be achieved manually or generated by the system in the case of resupply and overstock.

  • Easy receipt entry of goods from suppliers and other warehouses
  • Automated and manual transfers between distribution centers, and primary or secondary warehouses based on demand
  • Automated damaged and defective material returned to the supplier
  • Comprehensive shipment management that allows the setup of multiple carriers and shipping methods
  • Setup of delivery routes
  • Manage shipping packing slips and label printing
  • Notify customers by email when sending out a shipment
  • Streamline the process for shipment billing and payment collection at the time of delivery

Why Leading Wholesale Distribution Business trust Ximple Warehouse ERP Software?

  • Easy Tax Filling
  • Improve Accuracy
  • Cost Reduction
  • Streamline Integration
  • Stress-Free invoicing
  • Scalable
  • Accessibility
  • Localized Support
  • Real-time financial data
  • Improved cash flow and reduction in working capital requirements
  • Statutory Compliances

Why is Ximple Cloud-Based ERP for Distribution Ideal for Warehouse Management?

A Ximple Cloud Distribution ERP for Warehouse Management System is an ERP with WMS solutions integrated into the application. The main advantage is the single source of truth. The items have to be defined once in the inventory management application and used in the WMS system. Besides, Our Next-Generation modern Cloud ERPs support ADC (Automated Data Capture) Devices like Barcode and QR Code Scanners, essential for the WMS user.

Another benefit of integrating our Cloud-Based WMS solutions and wholesale distribution software with Ximple Cloud ERP is that eliminates the need for software hardware infrastructure management, and WMS shifts to the cloud (Cloud WMS system), reducing the wholesale distributor’s overall costs. Also, the wholesale distribution business can enjoy the other benefits of the Cloud like scalability and advanced security.

erp for distribution

Why Leading Wholesale Distribution Businesses are Selecting Ximple Warehouse Management System (WMS) integrated with Cloud ERP?

  • WMS Warehouse Management System meets the wholesale distributor’s industry requirements: Each wholesale distribution group has its own unique requirements from WMS. Cross-docking, Barcode integration, QR Code Integration, RFID Tagging, advanced material planning, including reorder point planning, and Economic Order Quantity (EOQ). Ximple WMS & Cloud ERP Application meets all the above wholesale distributor’s requirements.
  • Long-term Scalability: WMS complexity increases exponentially with wholesale distribution business growth. Ximple Distribution ERP & WMS handles this complexity as the distributor’s business grows.
  • Peak Load Handling: ERP System handles the sudden surge in load on the Warehouse.
  • Seasonal Load Handling: ERP Management Software offers tools to wholesaler to adjust WMS load based on seasonal demand.
  • ADC Integration: The ERP System support barcoding.
  • Data security: ERP management software & Cloud WMS systems handle sensitive data and data security.
  • Adaptable to new technology: advanced technologies will drive the supply chain of the future. Ximple Cloud ERP provides the best technology currently available and it has a core technological core foundation to adapt to any new technology that will mature soon.
  • Modular: Cloud WMS Seamlessly integrates with the cloud ERP software.
  • Easy to use: Ximple warehouse management system (WMS) is intuitive and logical. A user who is not technologically savvy is able to use the application and perform transactions.
  • Value for money: warehouse management software meets the critical requirements for wholesale distribution business at the lowest cost.
  • Unique Requirements: Ximple ERP allows you to manage your company’s unique requirements with the automation you need.

“Industry-specific cloud distribution ERP may change the game for importers and distribution business. It offers more value than legacy software. If you select the right ERP, it will help to increase ROI. It doesn’t matter how many employees you have, robust ERP can help to grow your business as compared to generic software”

What are the Benefits of Distribution ERP Software?

  • Improved Inventory Accuracy
  • Reduction in order fulfillment lead-time
  • Better warehouse space utilization
  • Improvement in warehouse productivity
  • Reduction in different costs, including shipping costs, labor costs, scrap costs & cost of obsolescence.

Ximple Distribution ERP & Warehouse Management Software (WMS) :

Ximple Offers SaaS-based Cloud ERP management software to Leading Wholesale Distributors. If you are in the wholesale distribution business, Ximple WMS integrated Cloud ERP is the ideal choice. The solution is ideally architected to support the wholesale distribution business niche.

Cloud WMS severs Warehouse Management needs for Electrical Wholesale Distributors, Automotive Distributors, HVAC wholesalers, Plumbing distributors, Fasteners Distributors, Industrial Distributors, Hose and Fittings Distributors, Construction Distributors, Electronics Distributors, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical Distributors, Power Transmissions, Bearing Distributors, Cleaning Supply Distributors, Tobacco Distributors, Wine and Liquor Distributors, Novelty Distributors, Office Supply Distributors & Convenience Store Distributors.


What is Distribution ERP Software?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is software for business management. It includes all areas of business operations, including warehousing, inventory, accounting, finance, sales and marketing, procurement, supply chain, customer relations, human resources, etc. Wholesale distributors have a specific ERP software solution allowing them to visualize the entire supply chain as things happen.

Distribution ERP enables users to meet the demands of their industry and deal with competition. An ERP for distribution business manages shipping, transportation logistics, product demand forecasting, inventory management, warehousing, EDI, accounting, and more.

What are the benefits of Distribution ERP software?

Distributors and importers using an industry-specific ERP platform benefit in many ways. Briefly, these benefits include the following:

What is supplier ERP?

A good ERP software solution must help you address the needs of different suppliers. In short, your supplier ERP must offer a reliable SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) module. Besides, you probably depend on outsourcing to manage your large supply chains.

With a supplier ERP, you can manage close relationships with your intermediaries in real-time. It can help you assess the impact of each supplier on business success and find ways to improve their performance.

Who Uses Distribution ERP?

Distribution ERP software are used mostly by businesses in process of inventory, purchasing, logistics, and warehousing. These businesses are commonly wholesale distribution business, e-commerce companies, and supply chain departments. sales teams, marketers, and accountants are the main users of distribution ERP in these businesses.

What Does Distribution ERP Cost?

However, Distribution ERP costs depend on how many functionalities you want and how many users will use this software. Distribution ERP price includes various factors such as hardware, network, and labor costs from IT and other departments and if you will purchase cloud ERP then this cost is lesser than legacy ERP. Click here to get a price quote of cloud-based ERP for your wholesale distribution business.

How to Buy Distribution ERP Software?

Buying wholesale distribution ERP software can be a complex and challenging process, but following these steps can help you make an informed decision:

By following these steps, you can choose a wholesale distribution ERP software that meets your business needs and helps you streamline your core business processes.

What are the current trends of Distribution ERP Software?

Distribution ERP software is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of the distribution industry. Here are some trends in the distribution ERP software that are currently shaping the market:

Overall, distribution ERP software trends are focused on providing more flexibility, automation, and efficiency to help businesses meet the demands of the distribution industry.

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