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Industry advantages

Ximple Industrial ERP System offers the ideal solution

Our ERP system transforms distributors and wholesale business that will grow along with them, keep pace and help them face challenges of today and tomorrow.

Industry scenario

The situation

The enterprise has grown tremendously in the past few years and has operated on non-integrated technology and software seeded on manual paper-based processes. The growth explosion has caused significant issues throughout the business:

  • Revenue loss
  • Unexplained inventory control and leakages
  • Unsatisfied customers
  • Redundant overheads incurred to operate simple audit and control processes
  • Inability know current or future financial information of the business
Industry scenario

The solution

Select Ximple Solutions to implement its ERP solution that would:

  • Help better manage business processes
  • Increase cost efficiencies, enable control and transparency
  • Focus on increasing their customer-base
  • Standardize and track in real-time workflow
  • Control inventory, expenses and finance
  • Improve employee and customer relations
  • Generate necessary data and reports for decision-making and annual audits
Industry scenario

The result

After couple months of implementation, the client goes ‘live’ with a seamless transition. Immediately, the client begins to realize the benefits. Redundant tasks were completely eliminated resulting in business growth, better customer relations, inventory management and real-time financial. Employees now will have access to all needed information and costly errors will rapidly diminish. Over the years, your business growth will exceed your intended plan. Ximple Solutions ERP is a valuable tool enabling growth in a controlled and resource-optimal fashion.


Ximple ERP is ideal for you !

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