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Real-time management

Manage your business day-to-day operations using Ximple Operation Management Software. With real-time management, you have up to the second numbers when running any of the system’s ready-made reports.

  • Analyze Trends
  • Compare Customer Buying Habits
  • Evaluate Options
  • See changes made to orders in real-time
  • Maintain audit trail of all transactions

Why Leading Wholesale Distributors trust Ximple Operation Management Software?

  • Easy Tax Filling
  • Improve Accuracy
  • Cost Reduction
  • Streamline Integration
  • Stress-Free invoicing
  • Scalable
  • Accessibility
  • Localized Support
  • Real-time financial data
  • Improved cash flow and reduction in working capital requirements
  • Statutory Compliances

Maintain your inventory

Assure that you are not overstocking material that is not needed. The system runs nightly order points for all stock products to assure that your purchasing department maintains needed inventory levels.

  • Ability to define reservation engagement by the customer and/or order
  • The system allows setting safety stock for individual items
  • The system records the characteristics of Location Type, Pallet live storage, Carton live storage, Capacity

Administration module

Ximple’s Administration module allows the company to set up and maintain the way that ximple runs and feels. From the logos being used to the drill-down menu options and default GL accounts to be used by the different transactions, the system administrator has access to these powerful tools.

The administration module enables users to define different levels of access to information in the application, by defining specific groups of users. The module also allows the configuration of design or customization of printed documents or setting the backup actions. The administration module provides facilities for intervention in the general setting, on the general parameters of the application, grouped by various features, even after implementation.


Deploy ERP on Cloud and On-Premise

Ximple ERP offers IMARK Customer Technologies for Growth.


Mobile First ERP

Do business anytime and anywhere to improve sales and reduce cost.


Easy ERP Integration

You pick a solution that suits your business as Ximple Cloud ERP will integrate other systems with ease.

Setup parameters for your business

Make the system your own by setting up the standards to be followed by all users. How you manage the setup of your company decides your profitability and ease of use.

A business today has both a right and an obligation to set specific parameters for the use of its resources. Setting parameters on the type of activities the company will support, and the way projects are designed and implemented, will increase the likelihood of achieving desired outcomes while avoiding undesirable ones.


The system provides several different dashboards for users and managers to keep track of the company’s progress.

  • GL Dashboard: your company at a glance – showing Bank Register, Open AR and AP, Open Sales, Open Purchases, Sales Report, Inventory Report
  • Sales Dashboard: track individual sales reps’ open sales and quotes
  • Purchasing Dashboard: track open purchases and pending billables
  • Customer and Vendor Dashboards: track individual customers and vendors via their own dashboard, providing open balances, customer/vendor information, and more

Cloud-based ERP Vs. On-Premise Operation Management Software

In an On-Premise ERP, the Customer manages both ERP Software and the technology infrastructure (Hardware). This level of control enables the Customer to customize the software to suit their unique Operation processes. This flexibility comes at the cost of managing the unfamiliar terrain of managing the IT infrastructure.

In a Cloud ERP, the ERP Vendor manages Cloud-based ERP, both software and hardware. The Customer can configure the ERP Software to meet their business requirements. There is limited flexibility in customizing the application to meet the unique business processes. In some cases, the Customer will need to modify their business processes to suit the operations supported by ERP.

The main benefits of Cloud ERP are reduction in cost and complexity of managing the IT Infrastructure. Irrespective of Cloud or On-premise ERP, the key is to understand the critical business requirements and ensure that the ERP system that you choose can quickly meet those requirements.


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