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Who we are

We design and develop ERP software applications for medium to large size businesses around the world and provide technology consulting services. We are a leading provider of ERP solution to Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC industry.

Ximple Solutions covers a full range of business requirements including sales, purchase, finance, accounting, inventory control, customer relationship management, warehouse management, and specialized needs of our clients.

Our Vision

Ximple intelligent ERP innovation roadmap includes a mix of artificial intelligence and machine learning with a focus on user experience, cloud and the internet of things (IoT) that will support broader global digital business models.

We plan to transform ERP software from a system of records to a system of engagement, intelligence, and ultimately a system of decisions.  Currently, most of the ERP software are stuck with the system of records and this reality is with legacy systems that aren’t correctly built for easy integration and they slow down the digital transformation. To make it worse there is still quite a lot of manual data entry going on.

Today everyone expects the same ease of use from enterprise applications as they do from any other solution. It needs to be intuitive, easy and user-centric or it simply won’t be used at all.  We need to take user experience into account and even put it front and center, combined with a mobile-first approach and soon the new types of interfaces enabling to interact with  Natural Language Processing as part of the enabling mix. A whopping 85% plus percent of ERP users would abandon enterprise software for disconnected spreadsheets, defeating the purpose of an enterprise application, when confronted with poor software usability. The role of the customer experience and user experience can’t be underestimated in any system or application nowadays. In short, gone are the days that IT is decided on a network and users simply had to use it.

Currently, there isn’t a lot of intelligent ERP and integration of IoT, massive data analytics, cognitive and process automation, let alone autonomous processes and decisions going on yet.  Digital transformation is about information, people, experiences, speed, timing, convenience, operations, automation and interconnectedness/collaboration. Intelligent ERP is a system of integration – connecting with other applications for advanced end-to-end business process automation. Intelligent ERP on the most basic level as the ERP becoming a system of engagement, a method of insight and intelligence, a system of decisions and system of integration and connectivity instead of just a system of records.

ERP applications fulfill so many tasks in business process optimization in areas such as order management and processing, in data collection, in planning on an enterprise production level and hooking up with other systems (HR, invoice processing and accounting, shipping, warehouse management, CRM, materials management, procurement and supplier management and so on), the far-reaching possibilities of intelligent ERP become all the more precise and vast. This is especially so if we add that inherent technological dimension of ‘intelligence’ to it, which among others, refers to components such as predictive analytics, machine learning and autonomous decisions and actions. The state and future of intelligent ERP as the Industry 4.0 autonomous decision center on the business process level.

To facilitate success to the Ximple product roadmap and align with Industry 4.0 we have invested heavily in R & D and built a large team of engineers to revamp and re-architect  Ximple ERP system.  We plan to make ERP solution API  driven to allow easy integration to various systems and IoT devices, designed to make the user interface customer and user-centric and infuse artificial intelligence for autonomous business decisions on the business process level

Carlos presented Ximple Solutions to a group of distributors and they loved what they saw and suggested him to build a full ERP system on the same platform to help them grow their business.


Ximple Solutions “Welcomed” first Customer on board with many more to follow


Ximple became the Member Service Provider for many Distribution Associations


Ximple Started deploying the free enhancements to all its existing customers. Bill Trust/Credit Card processing was integrated with Ximple Solutions for its customer convenience


Ximple introduced B2B portal to help its customers increase the sales revenue


Ximple Introduced Signature Application on a mobile device for delivery confirmation


Ximple Solutions joined hands with Venture Capital investors for product developments and grow the company to a next level


Ximple Solutions developed its ERP Solution with new User Interface and Experience with many more functionalities. Ximple developed its B2B portal in Angular Technology and Java Technology with better UI/UX and easy third-party integrations

About Ximple

Our background

It took several years of hard work and dedication from Carlos and his team, working closely with the distributors and finding out their needs and solutions to it. From there Ximple Solutions came to life and had been helping small and mid size distributors grow their business to a next level.

Carlos dedicated over a decade of his life to improve and perfect the Ximple Solutions and we are determined to continue his vision in expanding the reach and capabilities of Ximple. Today Ximple brought in a group of investors with multiple resources to continuously enhance the system with innovations, commitment to quality and integrity to make Ximple Solutions a global ERP solution for all size distributors and wholesalers.