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Ximple ERP Solution a great choice for Power Transmission and Bearing Distributors.

Power Transmission and Bearing Distributors have complex challenges with inventories, changing trends and optimizing order. Ximple Solution offers an innovative ERP platform to help manage all these sophisticated business needs with ease offering On-Cloud and On-Premise ERP software solution.

We are a proud to serve the members of PTDA (Power Transmission Distributors Association). We actively invest our relationship with PTDA members to understand their unique challenges to continuously identify opportunities for business improvement. Based on their continued feedback, we designed our ERP solution to solve their business problem driving sales growth, improving margins, reducing costs, improving on-time deliveries and optimizing purchase orders. Our integrated and seamless sales management, order fulfillment and eCommerce solution allow Power Transmission Distributors with exceptional customer service and real-time status on order while improving operational efficiencies. Ximple has been a brainchild of visionary entrepreneur, Carlos, and his team to drive Innovation in the Wholesale and Distribution Industry. He spent years understanding this market and architected solutions to meet the needs of wholesale and distributor industry by leveraging tomorrow’s technologies.

Our ERP solution is built for Distributors and Wholesalers in a wide range of Distribution Industry. We are well suited for solving digital challenges of Power Transmission Distributors, Fasteners Suppliers, Bearing Distributor, Engineering Equipment Distributors, Farm Equipment Distributors, Welding Equipment Wholesalers, Laboratory Equipment Wholesalers, Machinery Distributors and Valve Distributors.

ImageXimple ERP includes the following commitments:

  • Customers satisfaction while minimizing cost.
  • Efficiently manage distribution processes with real-time visibility of available inventory, inventory in transit, reorder quantities, and inventory costs. Minimize inventory and costs; optimize quoting, acceptance, order entry, and fulfillment processes.
  • Reduce order times and Business Analytics
  • Eliminate delays through automated sales order processing and shipping order generation.
  • Set rules to manage multiple warehouses, returns, credit limits, drop shipments, and grow sales and optimize inventory.
  • Ensure a steady supply of materials by optimizing and automating your purchasing process.
  • Determine real-time profitability by warehouse, product line, location, or business unit.
  • Use real-time information to control costs across the entire supply and distribution chain.
  • Minimize inventory carrying costs and improve stock turns for increased profits.
  • Integrated eCommerce, customer’s self-service portal, and anytime internet access to Ximple to improve customer service from the office, home, or on the road without losing business continuity.

Ximple ERP has been tested for all aspects of power transmission & bearings industry !