Purchasing module

Purchasing and product catalog

The purchasing module makes it easy to know When and Whom to buy from. The system permits you to schedule your purchases by company, supplier and product; depending on user defined parameters.

Method of demand planning

  • Demand History and Lost Sales
  • Adjustment for seasonal items
  • Time lapsed since the item was ordered until it was received in the warehouse
  • Sales Normalization (Normal order quantity)
Purchasing module

Purchasing module

Unlimited freedom

Transfer between distribution centers, primary or secondary warehouses depending on type (unlimited type) when and whom to buy from

The system permits you to schedule your purchases by company, supplier and product; depending on parameters. The revisions can be daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly.

  • Quantity based on estimated demand
  • Transfer of overstock, return due to overstock
  • Maximum discount of product and early pay
  • Tools for selecting supplier
  • When or what volume, weight or amount is included in shipment to supplier
  • Purchase price analysis: base price, purchase, market, LIFO and FIFO

Order quantity method

The system allows for order points to be setup at the company, product line, product line branch, product and/or product branch levels.

  • Economic lot calculation (Economic Order Quantity, EOQ)
  • Safety stock
  • Service levels (Demand type 1, 2 and 3)
  • By issues (bills a/o client orders)
  • By profits
  • By inventory Costs
  • Unlimited indicators such as are required can by defined by type
  • Gross margin return on investment (GMROI)

Purchasing module

Stock commitment control

Ximple allows you to track your stock up to the second. As stock gets committed to an order the quantity is reduced from the available quantity. Users have the ability to view current stock quantity throughout the entire company and can commit quantity to an order from any warehouse they have access to. The system will automatically generate the transfer of this quantity to the warehouse the sales originated from.

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