Document management

Get rid of paper in the office

Ximple offers a way to go reduce your paper trail by allowing you to scan and attach any document type to Sales, Quotes, Purchases, Bills, Goods Receipts, Returns, and multiple other document types.

There is no need to maintain extra copies of invoices and reports. Ximple allows you to reprint any and all documents at any point in time. Whether it’s a copy of a packing slip or a signed cash receipt, there will always be a way to regenerate the original document.

Collect signatures from your customers

  • At the counter

    Ximple interfaces with third party hardware to collect signatures on counter sales and print these out on customer invoices.

  • Deliveries

    For deliveries made by your own drivers, Ximple offers an app that your drivers can download on their smart device and collect signatures as they deliver.

Ximple ERP is ideal for you!