Today, modern cloud ERP systems give wholesale distributors new ways to cut costs and a faster important cash cycle.

7 Reasons why Distributors must have ERP System

Distribution ERP is a valuable tool for warehouse management as it's keeping track of inventory and tracking the flow of products through the plant. 

Logistics and warehouse management


Distribution ERP interconnected business processes within your business and helps to perform straightforward management in your business.

Intelligent master data management 


The integrated supplier portal of the distribution ERP can help you to simplify your process of purchasing goods and optimize communication with suppliers.

Simplify your procurement processes


This ERP allows users to easily and efficiently purchase products from your company.  Omnichannel feature help to keep track of customer preferences & order history, 

E-commerce and omnichannel


You can run analyses with data sources, dashboards, reporting services and perform ratings directly in the ERP system. 

Fully integrated  BI-Plattform


Distribution ERP permits you to accurately map all of the communication processes with your entire value creation chain. 

Transparent communication throughout the entire value creation chain


Distribution ERP with EDI functionality enables a fast, secure, and automated transfer of all data with customers and suppliers.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)