Mobile ERP – Best Software Application

Mobile ERP – Best Software Application

No one should underestimate the power of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Virtually every business needs it regardless of its size or field. It is among the fastest-evolving software products today. A few years ago, we insisted on why you should upgrade your legacy ERP to the cloud. We want to talk about the importance of running a mobile ERP platform. Millions of people worldwide prefer to shop online using their mobile gadgets. Thus, a business with a cloud ERP system and an ERP mobile solution can attract more customers and boost its sales and revenue. 

Without ERP technology, your business cannot compete effectively in its industry. A smartphone ERP app has many features that can drive traffic and sales. It improves mobility and accessibility. Relevant users can access your ERP from anywhere, anytime convenient. We will talk about a mobile software system in the rest of this article. Read on to understand the system’s features and benefits.

Mobile ERP
Mobile ERP Application

Mobile ERP Definition

A mobile ERP is software that people can access from any place via their dedicated mobile gadgets. It promotes mobility, real-time conversations, and productivity among users. A mobile application can allow a company to tackle threats and grab opportunities in real time. 

Mobile ERP applications are proving that users can do their work remotely. We are moving away from working only on office desktop PCs. As everyone has a smartphone or tablet every minute, businesses should make their ERP accessible on these gadgets. As long as they have data bundles or WiFi, people will be happy to work remotely. A mobile ERP application allows that to happen.

Mobile ERP – Best Software Application
Mobile ERP – Best Software Application

Best ERP Apps

An ERP app is the future. Companies across the world are using it to boost efficiency and productivity. Most ERP apps run in tandem with desktop ERP platforms. Just a few ERP cloud mobile-ready embedded apps provide more features and specialized solutions. We will discuss a few following.

  • Oracle NetSuite OneWorld app – If you want an ERP system in the mobile app, you might try Netsuite OneWorld. While it can be expensive for small enterprises, OneWorld is worth trying. It offers an idiot-proof widget-based user interface. As a result, users can add daily features to the dashboard for quick access. It has robust accounting, inventory, and customer relationship management modules. Netsuite OneWorld is a brilliant Oracle for mobile devices.
  • Odoo – Companies that cannot afford an expensive paid solution can find Odoo very useful. It is an open-source ERP with a mobile app that people have come to love. Organizations can manipulate and customize it to suit their specific needs. Offering up to thirty applications, Odoo integrates everything into a single interface. Users can then view sales quotations, orders, and other relevant information. If you host it on your server, there are no charges. If you use a hosted version, you only need fifteen dollars per month.
  • SAP ERP Order Status – The best SAP ERP mobile app is SAP ERP Order Status. The sales team can use this app to track order statuses anytime, anywhere. It runs in tandem with an existing SAP ERP system. If clients have issues regarding their orders and products, they can relay information via the app. Your team can then take measures to solve the problems. You use it for free.
  • Ximple Mobile ERP  Sales, Warehouse, and Shipping Apps- The most fantastic thing about Ximple ERP Sales, shipping, and warehouse management is free. It can allow your company to transmit sales data to a remote marketing team. Available in multi-language, the free app helps many people. It can let you keep records of each client for easier ordering and tracking.

Key Benefits of Mobile ERP

Now you know about apps for mobile ERP. We will list the benefits of having such an app below. 

  • It keeps track of the whole supply chain and generates live data for everyone to see.
  • An ERP software mobile app can let you save supplier data like invoices and purchase orders.
  • It enables mobility and accessibility at once because users require a mobile gadget with an internet connection. 
  • Mobile software works without putting business data at risk. It uses robust encryption technologies. 
  • Enhances customer relationship management by making communication between customers and the company easier. It can serve as CRM software.
  • ERP for mobile can help you increase your leads as many people prefer to shop online via their mobile gadgets. 

Key Features of Mobile ERP

After activating ERP on mobile devices, you will notice the benefits we have enumerated above. Additionally, you will see that the implementation of mobile ERP comes with extra features. These features can boost performance. They include the following: 

  • Remote access to ERP – To access cloud ERP on a mobile device, workers need an app and an internet connection. Where they are and what time does not matter. ERP suits mobility and remote access. Mobile software is as accurate as a Desktop ERP when capturing live data. Thus, users can access real-time data on their smartphones without much effort. 
  • User access and permissions– We hear of cyber attacks and hackers every day. If business and personal data were not valuable to hackers, they would not cause attacks. A cloud ERP for mobile users is highly secure. Hackers cannot easily penetrate the advanced firewall system and encryption that a mobile cloud ERP has. A remote ERP system has a user access and permissions feature. As a result, only an authorized user can view a mobile-based ERP. After registering a user’s device, the owner will access the system. 
  • Mobile API integration – It supports real-time data transmission to all mobile devices. When every user gets this data, they can work their shift appropriately. The mobile API integration improves data visibility across the organization. 
  • Efficient communication – When communication is inefficient and unreliable, issues we can easily avoid can occur. The best mobile ERP makes communication seamless and consistent. After all, people enjoy communicating via their smartphones and other mobile gadgets. All channels of communication in various departments will become more proficient. 
  • Instant notifications – Users do not have to call the next department’s office to update. ERP mobility includes pushing messages for users. A user will receive information regarding anything relevant on their smartphone with these. 
  • Better customer support service – If users want to solve a problem, they can do it directly on their mobile app. Apart from getting instant support from a live staff member, they can read blogs, watch videos, or explore FAQs and Terms of Service. 

ERP Mobile ERP Application Development

Based on the information we have shared so far, it is easy to see why smartphone-compatible ERP is the future. A business can expand its operation just by adopting a mobile app. When people download and install the app, they will click it on their Smartphone homepage as they, please. Regardless, nobody likes a low-quality app that won’t finish a simple task.

As you wait to implement a mobile app, get the best developer. They will create a high-quality ERP app that all users will love using. App development gigs are so popular; that you can find a suitable developer. But, take the time to choose wisely. The app should include every aspect of your cloud software. That is why you need a professional developer. 

Ximple Mobile ERP: the Best Mobile

Ximple Solution is a top enterprise resource planning software tool for wholesale distributors. It is a robust software for different industries. A detailed business management application with many modules, Ximple Solution cloud ERP, provides mobile connectivity. Users can access the central database to get accurate information from any location—the multi-location and multi-currency mobile cloud ERP suits all cultures. 

Supporting many languages, Ximple Solution removes language barriers that slow down international businesses. It is one of the ERPs that support future generations using advanced technologies. If you want to learn more about it, you may contact the support team at 


Modern customers want convenience. If your ERP can offer them that, you can easily retain them. Workers can be productive with mobile ERP. They can be happy checking notifications and updates on their mobile devices. Even if they are not in the office, they can access the ERP software using authorized login devices and data. 

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