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Assistant Marketing Manager

Social Media

  • Proactively manage all social media accounts, content and posts including Linked in, Facebook, Instagram, Sales Navigator, etc.
  • Gather, save, tag and organize buyer profiles in Sales Navigator and other social media platforms
  • Research and propose ideas to maximize inquiries via social media channels (social selling)

Website and SEO

  • Note: coding or development experience not required. We are looking for marketing-related input.
  • Research, identify and propose methods for improving website engagement and traffic.
  • Provide ideas and analytics for improving web SEO/SEM both organic and paid.
  • Create landing pages and other marketing tools to drive traffic and capture leads.

Hubspot Database CRM Cleaning, Maintenance and Sales Support

  • Under direction of VP of Sales, continuous cleaning and maintenance of the Hubspot CRM system
  • Weekly Identify and “queue up” targeted sales leads in the CRM for the VP of Sales.
  • Identify KDM “key decision makers” for various customers and enter them into Hubspot.
  • Import and/or enter leads from new sources.
  • Synchronize leads between Hubspot and Constant Contact
  • Segmenting leads in CRM

Constant Contact

  • Create and schedule constant contact email campaigns
  • Manage e-mail bounces, unsubscribes, etc.

Trade Fairs

  • Assist in trade fair planning and attendance
  • Create a list of all potential trade fairs and contacts and put CRM

News Releases and Blogs

  • Write and publish 1 news release and 1 blog per month for media, associations and prospects.
  • Create news release contacts and companies in Hubspot database.
  • Research and identify opportunities for publicity.

Lead Generation

  • Research and propose ways to improve lead capture


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