What is IBM AS400 ERP Software?

IBM As400 is a legacy system that has been around since the 1980s. It has gone by many names throughout the years, including OS/400 and iSeries. The As400 operating system was the predecessor to the modern IBM i operating system, which is used today. The As400 platform has been continuously updated over the years and still remains in use in some industries today.

Benefits of AS400

AS400 is a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use software platform that enables companies to improve productivity, lower costs, and increase revenue. AS400 is used by over 100,000 organizations worldwide, including top financial services firms, manufacturing companies, and healthcare providers.

Challenges of As400

People who started and know the IBMi better are now retire, and entire pot of knowledge and expertise gone with them. Also it may feel old, the and complicated internal architecture. So its hard to understand and learn As400 Software to your staff.

List of Major  AS400 ERP

 American Software Enterprise


 Infor Infinium FMS

 Unit4 Financials







As400 vs Next Generation of ERP

As400 is Legacy software systems and its offline ERPs. So its called as on-premise ERP Software. At the other hand, the next generation of ERP refers to cloud-based  ERP (enterprise Resource Planning) which can be accessed anywhere and in any device.


Cloud ERP

ERP Upgrade Benefits

If you are working with legacy ERP Software, it is important to upgrade it to get benefits which given by new generation Cloud ERP. An upgraded Cloud ERP fasters speed when doing day by day tasks and complies with government regulations like ISO, HIPPA, ACA and IFRS among others.

ERP Consultants can facilitate easy ERP migration