5 Reasons Why Modern ERP Boosts Your Business

Digital disruption has introduced more data sources, more channels, more complex business models and increased globalization. Along with it has come mobile, social, analytics and many other technological innovations. With modern ERPs organizations can Achieve greater Productivity and Control. lets find out 5 Reasons Why Modern ERP Boosts Your Business.

In this environment opportunities are rife but old monolithic enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are ill-prepared to deliver the support for the increasingly dynamic decision making processes that businesses need to succeed.

To support improved decision making and action taking, modern ERP platforms give organizations :

  • The ability to analyze business conditions.
  • To develop improved business plans.
  • Monitor and Measure progress.
  • Provide visibility into day-to-day operations.

In a recent survey by Ximple Software executives were asked to list the issues that would have the biggest impact on finance and accounting in their business over the next two to three years. The top two responses were big data and investment in new or more Advanced IT systems.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to consider your options seriously:

1 . Single source of Truth and Accurate and Timely insight

  • Decisions made from a report of how the business is performing give any company a competitive advantage.
  • When all data is consistently stored in one place and accessed independently, regardless of if it’s used for financial reporting, operationalcontrol or budgeting/planning, the business can provide a superior customer experience. This is a serious advantage in crowded, complex or fast-moving markets.
  • According to your business need modern ERP can centralize its data to a Cloud ERP or a On-site Server.

2 . Real Time Data

Decisions should be based on the most up to date Real-Time information, not traditional reports which are out of date as soon as they are created. This type of information enable.

  • Greater customer satisfaction.
  • Operational efficiency.
  • Better business performance.
  • Getting the Right Information to the Right Person at the Right Time your business demands can make a difference between closing or losing a deal
  • Real time flow of information form the Core Modules of a Modern ERP enable decision-makers to not only view the data they need but also place it within the right context so that the right decision can be made and achieve greater efficiency across the value chain.

3. Automating Decisions

  • Smart businesses know that by automating the right decisions, staff can be freed up to use their initiative, experience, and instinct to innovate and drive the business forward.
  • It makes little sense to have senior people making decisions that could easily be made within business systems.
  • For automated decisions modern ERPs are Specifically designed for each industry.

4 . Workflows and Alerts

Creating and enforcing unique business processes through workflows and alerts supports continuous improvement and increased productivity. Waste can be eliminated without major customization and decision-makers can focus on accessing the right data.

Setting up the right processes for centrally managed data and workflow automation should be an easy process and with a flexible platform, these processes can be adjusted and fine-tuned as the business changes and grows.

5 . Knowledge Base of Resources

  • Collaborating around a project.
  • Customer Incident.
  • Procurement Challenge.
  • Budgeting Process.
  • Lack of collaboration in the old systems leads to a big revenue loss. Modern ERPs offers a Ideal Solution for many of the business problems and seamless interaction among various modules.

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