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Ximple ERP offers the ideal solution

Our ERP system transforms distributors and wholesale business that will grow along with them, keep pace and help them face challenges of today and tomorrow.

Managing multiple companies with a single license

Improved business insights. Real time information to wholesalers and distributors

Lower management cost through improved data integrity and financial controls

Easy integration with manufacturers and suppliers through API and EDI

Improved efficiency. Common user experience across many business functions

Lower Operation cost through defined and more streamlined business processes

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All Industries

ERP software for distributors

With Ximple’s Cloud or on-premise ERP solution you can stay ahead of your competition. Today’s world is quick paced, Ximple helps your business compete in the current market place by supplying distributors with technology and tools to keep track of all business processes. Ximple offers:

  • Improve your sales process by keeping better track of inventory management
  • Make it easier to cross train your users between different departments
  • Maintain customer loyalty by improving services and offers


Many of these distributors face similar challenges in terms of integrating business processes centered around interaction with their manufacturers.

Manufacturers are a demanding group, especially regarding how their distributors communicate and do business with them.



Ximple Solutions-Fluid Power Distribution Software

Fluid power distributors

Ximple Solutions-Gases and Welding Equipment Distribution Software

Gases and welding equipment distributors

Ximple Solutions-Safety Distribution Software

Safety distributors

Ximple Solutions-Cosmetic Distribution Software

Cosmetic chemical distributors

Ximple Solutions-Textile and Drapery Distribution Software

Textile and drapery distributors

Manufacturers want their distributors to handle business transactions electronically with electronic data interchange (EDI) or through customized API. Although this may not appear to be a unique challenge, these business activities go far beyond the traditional “place the order and get the acknowledgement invoice electronically.

Ximple industries

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Ximple Solutions runs companies from Sales, Purchase and Customer delivery while handling every aspect of finance, operations, administration and risk management.