International Association of Plastic Distributors (IAPD)

IAPD – Ximple Cloud ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System for Plastic Distributors

Give your Plastic Wholesale Distribution business the world most flexible platform

Feature 1


99.99% Cloud ERP uptime

Feature 2


Out of Box ERP Customization with Parameter and APIs/Micro services

Feature 3

Expert ERP Support

Expert Support by Industry expert with more than 10+ years ERP experience

Fastest Payback

Fastest ERP Payback

Fastest ERP Implementation and Payback. Average implementation done in less than 90 days. ROI in less than 9 months

Build Your Plastic Wholesale Distribution Business on the most powerful Cloud based ERP platform

Customizable and agile, Ximple Cloud ERP gives your Plastic Wholesale Distribution business the flexibility other ERP cannot. Ximple ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software can help your Business:

• Transforms wholesale distribution business Customer/User Experiences
• Reduce Plastic material wholesale distribution business cost and drives up productivity
• Get to Market Quickly
• Drive New Revenue Growth
• Innovate with 4.0 technology
• Attract and engage productive employees
• Reach Every Customer. Cloud ERP includes B2B ecommerce platform. One platform. All Orders.
• Integrated eCommerce build on scale.


Deploy ERP on Cloud and On-Premise

Ximple ERP offers IAPD Group Customer Technologies for Growth.


Mobile First ERP

Do Building Plastic Wholesale Distribution business anytime and anywhere to improve sales and reduce cost.


Easy ERP Integration

You pick an ERP solution which your Wholesale Distribution suits your business as Ximple Cloud ERP integrates other systems with ease.

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We offer Cloud ERP to the International Association of Plastic Distributors (IAPD) to thrive in Plastic Product Distribution Market.

Ximple Cloud ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System for Plastic Distributors We introduced ERP as a set of integrated tools designed for Plastic distributors to help them manage to grow and scale their business. Our cloud ERP (SaaS) solution offers Plastic distributors a competitive edge with world class scalable technological infrastructure and customer support within minimum IT investment and reduced recurring cost. Now Plastic Distributors can compete with large corporations technologically with Ximple ERP and B2B eCommerce.

• Deep Expertise in Plastic Supplier & Wholesale Distribution Industry

• Proven wholesale distribution Cloud ERP, WMS and eCommerce platforms

• Extensibility into other technology in the supply chain leveraging API and Micro services

One platform. All the orders. Ximple Cloud ERP includes B2B eCommerce

Today’s Building Plastic Wholesaler Distributor’s B2B customers expect Omnichannel online experience. Ximple Cloud ERP offers independence and flexibility to your B2B customer to grow their business. Our solution has D2C features they expect from you. Our ERP has an inbuild ERP offering.

  • Sync inventory, orders, and customers
  • Custom quote process before placing an order.
  • Review wholesale orders before invoicing
  • Make the checkout process 50% faster for repeat buyers
  • ERP and B2B eCommerce are on the same platform. Unified customer data.
  • Automated portal providing easy access to customers 24×7.
  • Offers options to create custom pricing, percentage and absolute $ discount and volume-based discount for customers or group of customers.
  • Allows B2B customers a user-friendly tool to place purchase orders, track their orders and reorder products.

Why is Ximple Cloud ERP (SaaS) System a preferred choice for IAPD members?

We offer ERP Software to American IAPD members to stay ahead of the competition. Ximple aspires to be the most valued business relationship with IAPD members by providing a world-class Cloud ERP solution. We help IAPD members to outperform competitors by offering technological tools and advances driving productivity, improved customer service & inventory turns. We help IAPD members outperform the market, grow profit and help your employees perform at their best.

Our founder, Carlos, started this business when he noticed that Wholesale and Distribution businesses have limited choice for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software as few players dominated the industry. Those dominant ERP players stopped investing in products years ago. They stopped innovating. They offered a subpar solution with high implementation and upgrade costs requiring constant customization. Many of those companies had a vast customer base, which in turn limited their innovation as they always needed to worry about backward integration to their legacy ERP system. We have spent years understanding the Plastic Distribution industry and then included plastic distribution industry best practices in our solution.

Ximple ERP was born in the Distribution and Wholesale Industry trade over 12 years ago. Today, many plastic distributors and dealers rely on our distribution management ERP and eCommerce solutions to effectively guide their operations. We are a team of passionate, committed, and talented engineers continually innovating to create Next Generation ERP solutions that offer a competitive edge to IAPD members.

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