What is Construction ERP?

Construction ERP software system integrates all business functions into one platform that streamlines and automates the exchange of data from one space of your business to another.

Modules of Construction ERP System

1. CAD interface 2. Accounting 3. Supply chain management 4. Service fleet asset management 5. Financial management 6. Payroll 7. Management of contractors

Construction ERP Modules (...continue)

8.   Sub-contractor management 9.   Logistics and transport 10. Scheduling 11. Complex workforce management 12. Inventory 13. Workflow processes & many more

Benefit of Construction ERP software?

1.  Better cashflow 2.  Increased profitability 3.  More reliable supply chain  4.  Planning 5.  Better resource utilization 6.  Cost reductions 7.  Improved user satisfaction

Construction ERP Benefits (...continue)

8.   Increased employee productivity 9.   Higher project success rates 10. Reduced customer churn 11. Improved customer satisfaction 12. Decreased administration costs 13. Improved business intelligence             and reporting

Which Construction Businesses use ERP Systems?

1. Property developers 2. Engineering firms 3. Builders 4. Contractors 5. HVAC installation companies 6. Civil Engineers 7. Infrastructure Engineers

What are the best ERP software for construction company?

Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Acumatica, Sage, and Ximple ERP are popular  ERP providers for the construction business. Ximple ERP comes with lesser price and modern cloud-based technology as compare to other ERP providers.

Why Ximple ERP?

1. High value at low cost 2. Flexibility and easily customizable 2. Scalable 3. Faster implimentation 4. Flexibility 5. Mobile first ERP 6. Easy ERP Integration 7. Support 24 x 7 8. Security and many more in list...