Special offer for IMARK Members


Exciting Offer for IMARK Members

IMARK recently announced the e-Customer Service Achievement Program designed to recognize and reward IMARK members that make investments in e-commerce tools and resources.

As a Proud IMARK Member Service Provider, we will be happy to help you achieve the full Tier 3 compliance, earning cash rewards upto $12,500 from IMARK.

Here are the full program requirements that Ximple Solutions will help you achieve

Tier 1 Compliance : 

Complete the following on the IMARK website (the only requirements you complete on your own): Ximple Solutions can help you build a Custom Website Design for you.  

  1. Write a Vision Statement
  2. Assign an e-Commerce Project Leader
  3. Assign a Webstore Marketer
  4. Listing All Branch Locations
  5. Displaying Supplier Line Card
  6. Offering a Credit Application

Tier 2 Compliance :
Additional $6,500

Ximple Solutions provides a full functioning e-commerce store front including all of the following requirements for compliance:

  • Search attributed product data which features structured taxonomy which allows for search by multiple attributes—and a minimum number of key strokes for customer.
  • Ability to see inventory levels
  • Placement of purchase orders
  • Look up and review Account invoice.
  • Gain Access to Monthly Statements
  • Access to Account inquiry for managing credit and reviewing bills
  • Ability to request quotations
  • Access to open bids
  • Access to open orders
  • Review order history and search order status
  • Private price account
  • Ability to enter and release orders
  • Set/Maintain budgets for authorized Order Entry users
  • Set/Maintain spending limits for authorized Order Entry users
  • Manage approvals for authorized Order Entry users
  • Show A/R information to authorized users

Tier 3 Compliance :
Additional $5,000

Ximple Solutions provides you with enhanced e-commerce features, that includes the following requirements for compliance:

  • Product search function to allow customers to utilize local industry slang to search / purchase products on your e-commerce offering. Allowing customers to find material based on the same terminology they would use over the phone or in an email.

  • Provide customers with ability to utilize past orders to quickly and easily create new ones.

  • Customer can conduct product search by their company's own unique part number

  • Customer can offer complementary items..."you bought this, you also need this" A convenient way to remind customers to add items related to the products being ordered.

"At Ximple we provide the most Cost-Efficient, Reliable and Technologically modern solution"