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Hitesh has over 20 years of experience as an IT department head of global distribution, retail, and manufacturing. He led many large technological projects concerning a wide range of technologies – ERP, POS, CRM, eCommerce platforms, BI, AI, Cloud infrastructures, VoIP, legacy system modernization, Supply chain automation, and digital marketing initiatives. These experiences have offered him a unique leadership perspective for solving modern, pressing business problems. He is non executive member at Ximple Solutions. He pursued his B.Eng. degree in Mechanical Engineering at Gujarat University, India. He would pursue two master’s degrees; his MBA in finance from Sardar Patel University in Gujarat, India, and his MIS from the University of the West of England in Bristol, United Kingdom. Outside of his love for information technology, Hitesh enjoys yoga, reading, meditation, hiking, swimming, and running.
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My story begins in Gujarat, India. Despite growing up in a country inhabited by, at the time, almost 700 million people, my world still seemed small. I mostly spent my childhood days in my local town where I would often be, almost archaically, attending classes with limited facilities,  my secondary school education at an Indian military academy -among many other unique experiences. However, my days in the Indian countryside also taught me many things. Seeing the day-to-day struggles of the people around me, and experiencing the cutthroat, competitive environment they latter it instilled an intrinsic desire to bring positive change to the world. I hoped to one day lead innovation, transform society,  and hopefully change the lives of the people around me. I brought these aspirations with me throughout the next chapter of my life in Bristol, England, where I pursued my master’s degree at the University of the West of England,  then worked for many years in Canada and eventually in the United States. 

Today I have a comfortable life with a loving wife and two beautiful kids. My experiences and the struggles I have seen others endure have, throughout my life, motivated me to one day give back. With Ximple Solutions, I hope to help build a platform to help driven individuals pursue their passions while avoiding the countless mistakes I made throughout my journey!

As a technologist and an avid blogger, I find myself in a rapidly changing world filled with many new business and technological challenges. These are challenges I hope to overcome to find solutions.  With hard work, open-mindedness, discipline, and my commitment to helping others, I genuinely hope to revolutionize the global distribution, retail, and manufacturing sectors.

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Core expertise includes:

  • Strategic Planning & Tactical Execution, Hiring, and building teams. Establishing and implementing KPIs.
  • Cost-efficient solution provider, BI, and Data analytics. Performance & Capacity Planning
  • Technology Architecture & Integration Assessment & Solution Development High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Cyber Security and Audit Compliance


  • MSc (MIS), the University of West of England, UK
  • MBA (Finance), Sardar Patel University, India
  • Eng (Mechanical Engineering), Gujarat University, India.


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