Implementing Distribution ERP is not an easy task here are the 6 key challenges and solutions for the ERP implementation process.

How to Overcome the Challange of Distribution ERP Implementation?

Challenge: Employees may not be comfortable with moving on new ERP system.  Solution: Give training to employees to leverage new distribution ERP.

1. User Resistance to Change

Challenge: Error and data integrity issues occur while migrating all data from the current ERP to the New ERP. Solution: Perform data audit and standardize data before ERP migration.

2. Migrating data

Challenge: The company has various requirements that need to customize ERP software and that cause extra complexity. Solution: Do only needful customization and if possible leverage existing ERP modules to avoid customization complexity

3. Customization Issue

Challenge: There may be data transfer issues while integrating old to new ERP.   Solution: Check the compatibility with testing and use middleware software for better integration.

4. Integration with existing ERP

Challenge: Lack of knowledge to use and maintain distribution of ERP software. Solution: Can hire an ERP expert and create a support and maintenance team in the company.

5. Insufficient Knowledge

Challenge: Because of wrong ERP selection there may occur compatibility issues, poor support, and performance issues. Solution: To avoid such a problem perform the ERP evolutions and select industry-specific ERP instead of general ERP.

6. Vendor Selection:

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