What is Wholesale Distribution Software?

Wholesale distribution software helps to manage company functions including Inventory management, Accounting, CRM, Operations management, Order management, Warehouse management, Purchasing, and many more.

Wholesale distribution software generally covers the functions that allow distributors to manage their track product movements efficiently, and inventory automate, order processing, order fulfillment, manage discounts and pricing, handle refunds and returns, manage customer accounts, and track profitability & sales.

Wholesale distribution software integrates with other enterprise software such as e-commerce platforms, accounting systems & supply chain management(SCM) tools to provide a great software solution for managing the entire wholesale distribution process.

1. Lower total logistics cost 2. Increased profitability 3. Improved customer service 4. Reduced compliance costs 5. Improved vendor relations

Benefits of Wholesale Distribution Software

1. Wholesale Distributors 2. Manufacturers with Wholesale     Operations 3. Importers and Exporters 4. Distributors with Multiple Locations 5. B2B E-commerce Businesses

Who needs Wholesale Distribution Software?

1. On-premise model 2. Cloud-based model 3. Hybrid model 4. Hosted model

Deployment Models of Wholesale Distribution Software

Wholesale distribution software deployment models depend on various factors including business size, business needs, budget, and IT infrastructure.

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