What is ERP Migration?

An ERP migration is the process of moving from one system to another. ERP is a system that combines functions like accounting, inventory management, sales into a single system.

When ERP Migration needed?

An ERP migration can take place when an organization decides to switch from one ERP system to another, or when a new business sets up an ERP system from scratch.

ERP Migration Benefits

When performed successfully, an ERP migration can offer significant benefits to your business, such as reduced complexity and improved data accuracy.

ERP Migration increase Profitability

ERP systems can be a lifeline for businesses, helping them run more efficiently and increase profitability.

ERP Migration Phases

1. Analyze the ERP Migration           Project 2. Review your Data and     Processes 3. Assign the Right People 4. Define timeline 5. Test and Fix Issues if Needed

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