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Ximple Solution -  ERP for Plumbing Distribution

By Kimberly Brown

November 21, 2022

Ximple Plumbing ERP for distributors provides full-fledged package from driving sales to improving customer service and well-organized business processes.

1. Enhanced Business Reporting Process 2. It helps provide better customer service 3. Improved inventory costs

Benefits of Plumbing ERP for Distributors

Modules of Plumbing ERP includes Purchasing, Sales, logistic Forecasting, Inventory, Finance, warehouse management, Accounting, B2B / B2C eCommerce, demand planning, data analytics, administration and many more.

Plumbing ERP Modules

1.  Business Requirements 2.  ERP Features 3.  Total Cost of Ownership & ROI 4.  System Integration 5.  Support and Training (continue.)

Plumbing ERP Evaluation Criteria 

6.  Implementation 7.  Vendor Industry Expertise 8.  Technology 9.  Vendor Product Roadmap 10. Customization

Plumbing ERP Evaluation Criteria ... Continue

Plumbing software mainly focuses on one module. On the contrary,  on the other side Plumbing ERP system focuses on integrating the entire business’s functioning and helping it work as a unit.

Plumbing ERP vs. Plumbing Software

The ERP helps plumbing distributors to improve the company’s productivity, and on-time product delivery, minimize cost, improved customer satisfaction, and offer timely access to information that helps to enable successful business execution.

Why ERP is Important for Plumbing Wholesaler?

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