What is Distribution Strategy?

The distribution strategy for a business is the method through which a company sells its products to customers.

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There are many different ways to distribute products and businesses must carefully select the method that is most appropriate for their products, customers, and company goals.

Many businesses will use multiple strategies to distribute their products, with the primary goal of reaching as many potential customers as possible in the most efficient and effective way.

1. Direct distribution 2. Indirect distribution 3. Intensive distribution 4. Exclusive distribution strategy 5. Selective Distribution

Types of Distribution Strategy 

1. Order processing 2. Customer service 3. Transportation method 4. Inventory control 5. Materials handling 6. Warehousing.

Critical parts of a Distribution Strategy

1. Check the market status right now 2. Distribution costs 3. Do you sell complex or simple products? 4. What profits are you targeting? 5. What will be your market share? 6. Where your product is in its life cycle

How to choose right Distribution Strategy?

1. Know your customers perfectly 2. Focus on your product 3. Seek professional help

How to select the right distribution strategy for wholesale business?

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