A mobile ERP is a solution that a person can access anywhere with their mobile device.

What is Mobile ERP?

Mobile ERP allows mobility, productivity, and real-time conversations for ERP users.

With mobile ERP software, users can do their work anywhere in the world with single mobile, tablet, or iPad.

Mobile ERP also provides the same functionalities as a desktop application, so you can manage your quick work while you are traveling.

With this ERP you can increase leads as many customers shop online with their mobile devices.

Mobile ERP comes with access and permissions features, so only authorized users can access an ERP system. It's also come with robust encryption technologies.

With the Instant notifications features users do not need to call the relevant department for updates. The user gets every update by pushing messages and notifications.

Ximple ERP is a top ERP software in the market, specially designed for wholesale distributors that comes with Mobile ERP.