What is Agile ERP?

Agile ERP is a process of ERP implementation that focuses on flexibility, collaboration, and rapid iteration.

Agile ERP is made to help businesses respond quickly to changing company needs, while still delivering the best software solutions.

With the Agile ERP method, teams work together in an iterative process, with each iteration resulting in a working solution that incorporates feedback and learning from the previous iteration.

This method can help companies to accomplishes faster time-to-value and improve customer expectation by delivering software that aligns with company needs.

ERP Agile approach focuses on collaboration between team members, empowering employees to make decisions and take ownership of their work.

One of the main advantages of using Agile ERP methodologies is that it can help businesses respond better to changes in the market by allowing for faster development and deployment of new features.

1.  User satisfaction 3.  Customizable 4.  Collaborative 5.  Transparency 6.  Early and frequent testing 7.  Small milestones 8.  Minimal supervision 9.  Good communication 10. Value-adding product

Characteristics of  Agile ERP

1. Define your story 2. Assess customization options 3. Choose your sprints 4. Hold scrum meetings 5. Testing and assessment 6. Launching the sprint

Agile ERP Implementation Process