What is Accounting Software?

Accounting software is used to record and track financial transactions. This is used from simple record tracking to complex financial analytics. Accounting software is one type of enterprise software, it's used to help manage a company’s financial transaction. A few examples of accounting software are Ximple solution and QuickBooks, which is used for handle transactions and execute common accounting functions.

Key Feature of ERP accounting system

1. Automation 2. Encryption 3. Internet function 4. Scalable 5. Mobile compatible 6. Integration

Benefits of ERP Accounting System

1. Easier decision 2. No more duplicate entry errors 3. Automation of workflows 4. Reliable financial statements 5. Generates real-time updates 6. Adequate data security

Key modules of ERP Accounting Software

1. General ledger 2. Account Receivable 3. Account Payable 4. Asset management 5. Payroll 6. Audit

What is ERP  Finance System?

ERP Finance System allows you to create rubust financial reports and future projections for the shareholders. In common cases, this is part of the accounting software. So, you can find Good ERP System for finance and accounting on the market.

Key Features of ERP Finance Software

1. A profit tracker 2. General ledger management 3. Fixed asset management 4. Risk management 5. Reporting and analytics 6. Multiple currencies management 7. Tax management

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