Employee gateway


Each user of the system is setup individually and granted specific rights to the modules and menus contained therein. Using the Employee Module, employees have the ability to keep track of their own preferences, setting up their password and their default Warehouse, as well as keeping track of their time sheets and tasks.

Employee gateway

The briefcase

The Briefcase is a powerful tool within Ximple; it’s the internal messaging system between the system and users as well as a file storage area. Each Customer, Vendor and Employee has their own individual briefcase. The briefcase area is used to assign events that need to be completed for the selected entity or to store multimedia files. Events can be sent automatically by the system to an individual or be assigned by users of the system.

Employee briefcase to-do

The employee’s Briefcase To Do option is option used by the individual employees to view the events that have been assigned to them and post updates to those events, closing them or setting up follow-up events as need be.

Employee gateway

Employee report card

The employer has the ability to setup sales goals for each employee. The employees can track their progress at any point in time via the Employee Report Card and see if they have met the goals set for them or if they are falling behind.

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