Ximple industries

Industrial distributors

When it comes to buying in bulk and/or maintaining multiple costing layers, Ximple is set to offer powerful purchasing tools.

Purchasing parameters

  • Pricing multipliers at the item or commodity level
  • Item commodity setup
  • Quick and easy pricing maintenance

Product catalog

  • Maintain vendor/user managed inventory
  • Maintain service items for none material products
Industrial distributors

Ximple ERP is ideal for you!

Document management

Get rid of paper in the office

Ximple offers a way to go reduce your paper trail by allowing you to scan and attach any document type to Sales, Quotes, Purchases, Bills, Goods Receipts, Returns, and multiple other document types.

There is no need to maintain extra copies of invoices and reports. Ximple allows you to reprint any and all documents at any point in time. Whether it’s a copy of a packing slip or a signed cash receipt, there will always be a way to regenerate the original document.

Collect signatures from your customers

  • At the counter

    Ximple interfaces with third party hardware to collect signatures on counter sales and print these out on customer invoices.

  • Deliveries

    For deliveries made by your own drivers, Ximple offers an app that your drivers can download on their smart device and collect signatures as they deliver.

Ximple ERP is ideal for you!


Grow your sales

Ximple is fully committed to helping your business grow. Ximple offers a fully integrated B2B portal for your customers. Any customer with an account can log in and enter their own sales which will then be fulfilled and traced like any other sales entered within Ximple. Customers will be able to:

  • View your inventory
  • Get pricing as if they were at the store
  • Place orders and quotes
  • View past orders and trace open orders
  • Generate their current statements
  • Keep track of multiple jobs
  • Start a return

Ximple ERP is ideal for you!

Ximple industries

Electrical distributors

As a member of IMARK and NAED, Ximple is well aware of the ins and outs of the electrical industry and is prepared to help you grow your business. The system is scalable, you can run a 5-person organization as well one with hundreds of users without making many changes to your day to day processes. Ximple is capable of:

  • Price service uploads from Trade Service and IDW
  • Integrating with EDI – for customers and vendors
  • Easy 1-2-3 Counter processes
  • Single Counter user log-in
  • Multi layered pricing structures for On Account and Cash Customers
  • Lot Control wire picking queue
Electrical distributors

Ximple ERP is ideal for you!

Ximple industries

Hose and fittings distributors

The system is setup to allow it to be used across multiple industries. Robust parameters allow companies to decide how the system is to be run, what data is to be seen. System allows for:

  • Distinct UOM setup
  • Multi-tiered pricing structure for your customers
  • Manage kit items and setup
  • Rebate setup and tracking allowing for better GM calculations
  • Lot and Serial number tracking on incoming and outgoing inventory
Hose and fittings distributors

Ximple ERP is ideal for you!